US Talk Shows 

Eva Lewandowski:
"Self-coaching books like the ones by Tony Robbins are really big. This little book shows how to hit those pillars of success.

Dr Asoka Jinadasa: 
"I can transform people who think they are chickens into soaring eagles in four hours using the methods described in Flying Penguin.

Charlie Lobosco:
"This is priceless information. If this book is not ten million dollars, it’s a bargain!


Barry Moltz:
“How to feel good when business is bad?

Dr Asoka Jinadasa:
“If you win every game, your game won’t improve. When things go wrong, you have a great opportunity to find out what went wrong and to fix it.



Dr Linda Mackenzie:
“What is a Flying Penguin?

Dr Asoka Jinadasa:
“A Flying Penguin is a metaphor for the vast inborn ability we all have to fly way beyond the limitations of our daily life.



Maggie Linton:
“How can we heal and prevent illnesses through our immune system?

Dr Asoka Jinadasa:
“Research shows that processed foods damage our immune system and are the cause of every illness.



Sharkie Zartman:
“How to overcome fear that prevents people from aiming for big goals?

Dr Asoka Jinadasa:
“Your fear disappears when you change your point of view to see even the worst possible outcome as a challenging opportunity for self-improvement.



Bonnie Graham:
“How can you transform people in their 50’s or 60’s who have lost their passion for living?

Dr Asoka Jinadasa:
“If they walk tall, breathe deep, and act as if they were teenagers, the brain rewires itself to match their new behaviour.


Bill Horan:
“How does self-image influence what we do?

Dr Asoka Jinadasa:
“If a lion cub thinks it is a kitten, it will grow up catching mice.



TV Interviews

Faraz Shauketaly:
“How does one become a Human Potential Developer?

Dr Asoka Jinadasa:
“By awakening the vast inborn human potential sleeping within all of us. We learned to walk and talk without a teacher. And we were born with the ability to use a smartphone long before we could to read.



Keynote Speeches

Dr Asoka Jinadasa:
“Over the past 40 years, I have collected a complete set of tools that can unleash our vast inborn Human Potential


Plenary Speeches

Plenary Speech by Dr Asoka Jinadasa:
Slowing and Reversing Ageing in Elderly People: Using modern science with ancient wisdom in an empirical 6-dimensional framework.

29th World Summit on
Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy
New York, USA
May 21-22, 2018