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12th June, 2018

Dr Jinadasa’s work in the area of development of leadership and the pure human potential is far greater than any other modern philosopher I have seen. His approach to resolving the complex leadership issues with the aid of his simple yet powerful (and spiritual) methodologies is something I have not seen with any other.


16th May, 2018

Dr Asoka Jinadasa presented innovative new thinking on Leadership in his keynote speech at our International Conference on Management, Business and Leadership (ICMBL) organised by the Department of Business Administration of Sindh Madressatul Islam University in Karachi, Pakistan, in May 2018. Dr Jinadasa’s years of research, his depth of understanding and his ability to present the subject in such an interesting way produced one of the most memorable events in our department’s history. His enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make our International Conference both productive and fun.


27th February, 2018

Very effective and practical approach towards leading others is discussed throughout the curriculum of this program. It has been structured in a way to improve the intrinsic qualities of a leader and elaborates 5 key areas to be focused to be a true leader. Hence the examples given help participants to apply their learning in real life scenarios very easily.


13th February, 2018

This leadership program is filled with valuable research based content which is very appropriate for the current context. Further this program will definitely add value to your employees and be very helpful to change the behavior accordingly in a way which results are inevitable.